Quotes from Visiting U.S. Scholars to Jordan


“Since its inception five decades ago, the Fulbright Program has been a vital and positive force for peace. Many of our world’s finest leaders, educators, and artists from more than 140 nations have benefited from this special experience. As we move into the 21st century, we recognize that the program Senator J. William Fulbright created is more important than ever, and his vision of mutual understanding among nations is every bit as powerful”

President Bill Clinton

You are all such wonderful professionals and the treatment we received by you and the staff just made our stay in Amman so much better. Thank you."

Dr. Thomas Murphry, Fulbright Scholar 1999-2000


"This is my third Fulbright award," Musselman relates, "and the first time I have dealt with a commission. Working with JACEE has greatly enabled my interaction with other institutions. The help with logistical matters and communication alone makes the commission of immeasurable value to a Fulbrighter. In Jordan, JACEE is held in high regard and association with it gives instant credibility."

Dr. Lytton Musselman, Fulbright Scholar 1997-1998





Quote(s) from Fulbrighters - worldwide


“The Fulbright Scholar Program increases knowledge, tolerance, curiosity, and, most of all, delight in differences. Fulbright is a leader in this endeavour.” “I think [the Fulbright Scholar Program] is the jewel in the crown of international intellectual and cultural exchange. It is also an antidote to prejudice and stereotypes that thrive amidst ignorance. And it forms people-to-people bonds that serve as vital bridges for communications and cooperation.” “An excellent program and an excellent experience. I wish everyone could participate. A great way to shrink the world.” “I feel a deeper connection to the region; the friendships are both more extensive and deeper than previously. I have returned at least once every year since the Fulbright.” “I am definitely more international in outlook and try to project that outlook to my students and colleagues. I strongly encourage my students to seek international experiences.” “It is in our national interest to continually nurture a citizenry which is global in its outlook and understanding. Nothing can substitute for the quality of international learning that results from the face-to-face, personal contact between individuals” “Despite the existence of the Internet, global telephones, satellite TV, etc., we cannot understand other countries without living there. And people in other countries cannot understand us without living in the United States. A program such as Fulbright that enables people to understand another culture and country in depth is invaluable to mutual understanding and mutual understanding is crucial to peace and security, as well as our prosperity in a global economy.” “Helps to humanize Americans to foreign countries, especially those suspicious of us. Breaks down stereotypes of Americans and of simplistic foreign views of Americans. We are ambassadors of not only goodwill, but more importantly, shared humanity.”


(Reference: Executive Report of the Outcome assessment of the U.S. Fulbright Scholar Program – May 2002 / Department of State of the U.S.A.)

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