August 25, 2020

Executive Director Meets with the President of Al-Aqaba University of Technology

The Executive Director of the Fulbright Commission met this week with Fulbright Alumna, and President of Al-Aqaba University of Technology, Dr. Mohamed Sanad Abu Darwish, to discuss further collaborations and future prospects.

Earlier this week, the Executive Director of the Binational Fulbright Commission in Jordan, Dr. Essam Khoury, met with Dr. Mohamed Sanad Abu Darwish, who is one of our Fulbright Alumna, and the newly appointed President of Al-Aqaba University of Technology.

Dr. Abu Darwish (left) during the meeting with Dr. Khoury (right)

During their meeting, they discussed the various ways the two parties can collaborate in both the academic and scientific fields. Dr. Khoury spoke more about our programs, and the vision he has for Fulbright moving forward, And how both the Fulbright Commission and AUT can support cultural and academic exchange.

Professor Abu Darwish spoke about his experience being a Fulbrighter after being awarded the Fulbright Scholar Research Award for the 2015-2016 Academic Year. During his stay in the United States, Dr. Abu Darwish conducted research at The National Center for Natural Products Research, located at The University of Mississippi, he also stressed the importance of this cooperation and the significance and impact such collaborations has on the exchange opportunities for faculty members and students at Jordanian universities in both the sciences and humanities.

Pictures in this post are courtesy of Al-Aqaba University of Technology.

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