August 16, 2021

Alumni Video Series: Highlighting The Fulbright Experience

As part of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Fulbright Program in 2021, Fulbright Jordan interviewed a number of their Jordanian and American alumni as part of the Alumni Video Series. In this first video, the alumni were asked why they applied for the Fulbright Program.

Earlier this summer, the Communications and Outreach team at Fulbright Jordan reached out to a number of its alumni to interview them at the Fulbright House.

These interviews are part of the continuous celebrations of the 75th Anniversary of the Fulbright Program worldwide that is celebrated throughout 2021. The interviews included a number of Jordanian and American alumni from different programs to reflect their Fulbright experience and the impact the program has had on each of them; both personally and professionally. 

The interviews were held over the course of two full days while keeping with safety measures around the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19. The alumni were asked various questions based on their own experience and their specific program.  After concluding each interview, the Fulbright team had prepared gifts for each alumni that included items from the new branding that the Commission launched in 2019-2020. This Alumni Video Series will be published through the upcoming months, and each will answer a different themes and question that truly captures the continuous celebration of the 75th Anniversary this year and the everlasting impact of the program.

This post will be updated with links to each video as we publish them, the first one being the teaser which captures the excitement and great connection formed with the alumni which you can view here:

FIRST VIDEO: Why Fulbright?

The first video covers the question of the reason/s that made our American and Jordanian alumni apply for our various awards. You can view the video below:


This video series is the first of its kind for the Fulbright Commission in Jordan, and we’re excited to have the 75th Anniversary and The Fulbright Program fund this project, which in turn made this possible.

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