List of Feedback Remarks Received By JACEE


Dr. Faris Sadek, U.S. Scholar, 1994-95

“ In closing, I have to report on the Fulbright staff in Jordan too.  I must admit that these are the nicest group of people that a travelling scholar could want to work with.  I know that they were keeping tabs on me and I appreciated knowing that someone was gently watching over me…I know that I can attribute a great deal of that to the organizational skills of Alain McNamara…” 

Dr. Peter Doan, U.S. Scholar, 1995-96

“The Executive Director of the Fulbright Commission, Mr. Alain McNamara, is efficient, very responsive, caring, friendly and helpful.” 


Dr. Diana Abu Jaber, U.S. Scholar, 1995-96

“ After spending some time in Jordan, I realized the complexity of the work of [JACEE].  I have nothing but high praise for the administrative staff in Jordan.  Alain McNamara is an excellent Director who is well connected to both the American community in Amman and has a wide range of good personal connections with a wide variety of Jordanian political and social leaders.  This facilitates the work of the commission in fostering exchanges at all levels.” 


Talal Hattar, U.S. Junior Researcher, 1995-96

“The Fulbright Commission in Amman has been nothing less than superb.  There are many aspects of daily life in Jordan that simply cannot be explained or prepared for in any way… these are part of the whole experience.  Alain and his staff have worked miracles in every area of daily life, from housing assistance, to translations, to family mediations.  While you may often feel that life here is unpredictable or unruly, Alain makes you feel that you are never alone…absolutely top-notch.  The first day I went in to the Commission office was the first day I truly felt at ease in Amman.  Alain was essential to keeping our sanity and sense of humor in place. ”


Dr. Mark Lacy, Scholar, 1997-98

“The Executive Director, Alain McNamara, deserves special praise for being a constant research and personal support.” 


Dr. Patricia Cretilli, Scholar, 1997-98

“We especially appreciate your help and expertise during our time here and are glad you were there to help pave the way.  Keep up the good work.” 

Dr. Lytton Musselman, Scholar, 1997-98

“…Alain McNamara and staff have been timely, kind and professional with their correspondence.  The Orientation provided by the Amman Fulbright office was very helpful and informative, as was all the written information they provided.  The ongoing support and information from Alain, as well as the staff…is superb.” 


Dr. Tom Murphy, Scholar, 1997-98

“Our previous Fulbright awards (Sudan and Palestine) were administered directly from the Embassy or Consulate.  Those countries do not have a Fulbright Binational Commission as does Jordan.  Therefore, this is our first experience working with a commission.  What a world of difference!   In most cases where Fulbrighters are under the CAO of the embassy, the Fulbright person is ancillary to the staff’s main functions.  With a Commission, you have people who are devoted exclusively to the Fulbright Program.  This provides assistance when you have bureaucratic bungling and hang-ups.  JACEE does a superb job at orienting new and returning Fulbrighters.  When I first read about required attendance at a four-day orientation I questioned its value.   It turned out to be informative and enlightening.  Topics that were covered that I would never have taken the time to pursue included economics of Jordan, the political situation, health matters, security, and a diversity of services and organizations.  The time spent on the orientation is cost and time effective and really helps in getting established. 

The relationship of JACEE to the academic and diplomatic community in Jordan is commendable.  An administrator at the University of Jordan told me that the director, Alain McNamara, is highly regarded throughout the university.  This is the kind of person you want as an advocate when problems arise. 

Further, the attitude of the JACEE office (known affectionately by all of us as the “Fulbright House”) is affirming and thoroughly helpful…all manner of services are performed not in a perfunctory manner but in a spirit of caring and support.  What I personally value the most about JACEE is their transparent readiness to help in any way they can. Alain McNamara [sic] and his staff have generated an atmosphere of support, help, intercession when necessary, and in numerous other ways…Alain has extensive experience in the Middle East and in dealing with academics…and is well-connected in the region.“

A personal note to Alain:  “You have helped make one of the most memorable years for our family!  Thanks so much!  Not only are you effective, but you do it with grace and aplomb.”


Jennifer Ladkani, Junior Researcher, 1998-99

 “Both my spouse and I would be remiss in not mentioning that Mr. Alain McNamara and, indeed, the entire staff of [JACEE] were exceptionally professional and well-informed, and accessible.  They were always willing to help on any issue or matter.  They are a tremendous resource.” 


Michael Spath, Junior Researcher, 1998-99

“The Fulbright personnel were especially helpful in facilitating any problems or issues which arose during my time here.  Mostly, the feeling that I could always call on them to assist me was a comfort and replaced the usual familial support that I left behind in the U.S.  They became friends and kept themselves in a position from which they could easily offer advice or assistance.  I do wish that the Fulbright Commission here could be the role model for similar Commission[s]."


Sample comments from U.S. scholars and students, 1994-1999

“During times of distress (e.g. During the American bombings of Iraq), the Fulbright Director was quick in his communication with us with the Security Announcements from the Embassy, not only E-Mailing them to us but calling us on the phone as well to make sure we received them.  In each message, he includes his home phone number and assures us that any time we have any questions, concerns, issues, that he is only a phone call away.  Alain McNamara and his wife Kathy have had us over to their apartment twice now, to make sure that we don’t get ‘lost in the shuffle.’  I cannot say enough about the friendliness and the care of each of the staff at the Fulbright House.  Mr. Alain McNamara is a consummate professional.  Yet he is also extremely friendly, supportive on all levels, and makes sure that the Fulbright Scholars are ‘communicated with’ when he received any information from the American Embassy, for example, or other information he deemed it necessary we receive… As I said before, Alain and the Staff are forward-looking, friendly, and professional. They present a very upbeat, professional, helpful, and scholar-friendly presence.”

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