Direct Access to the Muslim World

Until further notice, the Fulbright Visiting Specialists Programs is no longer available.

Originally, the program enables American colleges and universities, including community colleges, to enrich their international programs and courses of study, by providing opportunities for a direct access and intensive exposure to specialists from other countries and, specifically, for Jordan.


Candidates approved for placement on the Program Roster may be requested by U.S. colleges and universities to conduct intensive three to six week programs of teaching, lecturing and public outreach on topics in Islamic civilization and developments in the Muslim world.  

Candidates approved for placement on the Program Roster may be requested by U.S. colleges and universities to conduct intensive three to six week programs of teaching, lecturing and public outreach on topics in Islamic civilization and developments in the Muslim world.  Ideal candidates are scholars or practitioners with outstanding records of academic, professional, community service, the ability to address topics in Islamic civilization in addition to teaching in their own disciplines and about Jordan, and the region, the ability to communicate effectively and diplomatically in English and the desire to serve as a cultural ambassador.


NOTE: Application forms and instructions are available online at:

The Competition for 2017 has not been announced


Background:  Launched as a pilot program in 2004, the Fulbright Visiting Specialists Program: Direct Access to the Muslim World has awarded more than 125 grants to scholars and practitioners (e.g., journalists, lawyers, civil society leaders, think tankers, writers, artists) for short-term (three-to-six week) intensive programs of teaching, lecturing, and public outreach at U.S. colleges and universities. 


The purpose of the Program is two-fold:  To help U.S. higher educational institutions and Americans in the surrounding communities increase their understanding of the history, culture, religion, politics, and economics of the Muslim world through direct access to and interaction with a Fulbright Visiting Specialist and to enable Fulbright Visiting Specialists, who are often youth influencers and opinion-shapers, to gain a deeper and more nuanced appreciation of the United States, which they can impart to their colleagues, students, and friends when they return to Jordan.  The response to the Visiting Specialists Program among participants and the requesting U.S. host institutions and communities has been overwhelmingly positive.


Program Design:  Jordan candidates approved for placement on the Fulbright Visiting Specialists Program Roster are matched with U.S. colleges and universities by the Council for the International Exchange of Scholars (CIES), which arranges logistics and administers the Program with guidance and oversight from ECA in accordance with the policies established by the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FSB).  Applicant institutions are invited to propose specific campus and community-based programs for a Fulbright Visiting Specialist.  They compete through a separate peer reviewed competition organized by CIES.  Applicant institutions may have limited resources or expertise on Islam or the Muslim world or well-established programs that require expertise on specialized topics.  Many institutions whose proposals are recommended to ECA for the Fulbright Visiting Specialist Program are small liberal arts colleges, community colleges, minority-serving institutions, or universities located outside of major U.S. cities.  During a typical three-to-six week program, a Fulbright Visiting Specialist, who CIES has matched with a recommended institution, may teach short courses or seminars in their field of expertise as it relates to Islam or the Muslim world, team-teach with U.S. faculty, lecture, lead or participate in faculty, student or teacher workshops, advise faculty and students, develop curricula, participate in informal discussions with students, and outreach activities, including programs for community groups,  K-12 classrooms, and interviews with the media.


The Program does not support research and provides no time for Specialists to pursue personal projects.  Participants and host institutions are required to submit final reports which document the impact of the program and describe their plans to continue collaboration.


Recruitment:  The Fulbright Commission in Jordan has been invited to recruit applicants who demonstrate the ability to:


   (1) Lecture and teach in the U.S. on topics in Islam, Islamic civilization and the Muslim world, their own academic discipline or professional field and about their home countries, 


   (2) Serve as a cultural ambassador (which includes educating and engaging Americans who may have had limited interaction with scholars or professionals from the Muslim world), and


   (3) Communicate effectively and diplomatically in English.


Eligibility Requirements:  Jordanian applicants should hold a Ph.D. or equivalent experience or a terminal degree in their field, demonstrate a strong record of academic, professional and community service, expertise on Islam as a creed and culture, maturity, dependability, flexibility, integrity and professionalism.  Applicants must be residing in Jordan at the time of application.  If nominated, approved by the FSB, and requested by a U.S. institution, participants must depart from and return to Jordan upon conclusion of  their program.  Dependents are not allowed to accompany participants on this short-term program.  All participants must be eligible to receive a J-1 visa and must adhere to all visa requirements.


NOTE:  In accordance with FSB policy established in June 2006, recipients of two or more Fulbright scholar grants (administered by CIES) are not eligible to apply for additional Fulbright scholar grants. The Visiting Specialist grant is considered a half a grant.

Nomination and Application Procedures:  Jordanian candidates who are approved for placement by the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FSB) remain eligible until matched with a U.S. host institution or for a period of up to three years.  Initial screenings and interviews will be conducted by the Binational Fulbright Commission in Jordan.  Please note that the Fulbright Visiting Specialists Program is dependent on the ability to match the requests of U.S. host institutions with the knowledge, experience, and skill set of candidates who are approved for the Program Roster.


NOTE Nominees in fields such as Islamic and area studies, political science, international relations, business and economics, history, women's studies, journalism, sociology, religion, literature, anthropology, and the arts are particularly attractive to requesting U.S. universities.  


Grant Funding:  The Fulbright Visiting Specialists Program is funded by ECA with considerable cost-sharing from U.S. host institutions and their community partners. All Visiting Specialists receive round-trip air travel from their home country to the airport closest to their home institution, a one-time payment of dollars 100 U.S. for in-transit allowance, accident and sickness insurance coverage during the grant, and an honorarium of dollars 200 U.S. per day for each day of grant activities and a stipend for meals, as necessary.  U.S. host institutions provide housing, office space (as available), some meals, and some local transportation as a condition for hosting and programming the grantee.


For more updated information about the Fulbright Visiting Specialist Program, please contact us, at  or send an Email to .


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