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Does the applicant need to be in a certain field of study to apply for this Award?

Applicants from all fields may apply except those whose proposed research goals are associated with clinical training such as Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary sciences.

What is a "Release Letter" that the applicant should secure from his/her home university's President, which should be submitted as part of the application form?

A "Release Letter is an official letter from the applicant's home university stating that he/she will be able to secure a release from university duties if he/she is awarded the Fulbright Scholar Award.

What is a letter of invitation?

It is a letter from the U.S. hosting university inviting the Fulbright Visiting Scholar, should he/she be awarded a Fulbright Award, to collaborate in his/her research. 

What is the length or duration of a Fulbright Visiting Scholar grant to the U.S.?

The minimum is 4 months and the maximum is 9 months. 

What are the chances of an applicant who meets all the requirements?

The chances of the applicant will greatly depend on the competition with other applicants.

How many publications should the applicant have at the time of submitting the application?

The minimum is Five (5) publications or more.

When are the final Post-Doctoral award selections announced?

The applications will be reviewed and determined by the Commission's Selection Review Committee (SRC) approximately five months from the final date of receiving applications (May 30th).

Are dependents eligible to accompany the Scholar to the U.S. for the duration of his/her grant?

Yes, they may eligible, taking into consideration that the accompanying dependents must reside with the Scholar for a minimum of 80% of the grant duration in the US.

Can an applicant with dual nationalities (Jordanian and American) citizenship be eligible to apply?

No.  Jordanian Scholar applicants who hold a U.S. Passport or a U.S. "Green Card" may NOT apply for this Award. 

How can I contact the Fulbright Commission by E-mail?

Please address all your queries to the following E-mail address:

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