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When are the final FLTA award selections announced?

The applications will be reviewed and determined by the Commission’s Selection Review Committee (SRC) approximately five months from the final date of receiving applications (May 30th).

Do the applicants need to sit for the TOEFL?

Yes, the applicants need to sit for the unofficial TOEFL - ITP test and obtain a minimum score of 550.

Does the applicant need to be nominated by a university or an institution in order to apply?

No, The Fulbright scholarship competition is open to all qualified Jordanian applicants. Your home university or institution may wish to nominate you but this will have no bearing on the selection process.

Does the applicant need to be in a certain field of study to be able to apply for the FLTA Program?

Yes, applicants should be a Teacher of English or pursuing higher studies as a teacher of English. Moreover, applicants will be considered from the following disciplines with prior teaching experience: 
     1.  Anthropology
     2.  Area Studies
     3.  Arts
     4.  Communications
     5.  Computer Sciences/Technology
     6.  Education
     7.  Education, Rural
     8.  Education, Teacher Training
     9.  Educational Administration
    10. Educational Psychology
    11. Educational Technology
    12. Humanities
    13. Languages
    14. Literature
    15. Social Sciences
    16. Social Work
    17. Sociology 

Do the applicants get to choose where they will be placed - at which university - in the U.S.?

No, the FLTA grantees will be placed in a U.S. university through a matching system determined by Institute for International Education (IIE) in New York based on the applicants’ experience, academic background and other factors included in the FLTA's application.

Can someone with a US citizenship or green card (residency) apply for a Fulbright grant?

No, any one applying for a Fulbright grant must not be a US citizen or hold a green card (residency).

What are the chances of an applicant who meets all the requirements?

The chances of the applicant will greatly depend on the competition with other applicants. Thus, it is difficult to determine one’s chances for an FLTA award.

What is the length of the FLTA Program in the U.S.?

The FLTA Program is a non-degree, nine month program. 

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