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When are the final Pre-Doctoral award selections announced?

The applications will be reviewed and determined by the Commission’s Selection Review Committee (SRC) approximately five months from the final date of receiving applications (May 30th).

Does a prior acceptance to a university in the US help the applicant?

No, having a US university acceptance will not help the applicant or give him/her a better chance of being nominated for a scholarship. This acceptance might be helpful if the applicant receives the scholarship and wishes to attend that same university, however, this is not guaranteed:  The Commission will decide on the final university placement.

Should applicants who studied in the US or the UK sit for the TOEFL exam?

Yes, all applicants, regardless of where they obtained their Undergraduate or Masters degree(s), must sit for the Official TOEFL examination again in order to be able to compete for the scholarship.

Does the applicant need to be in a certain field of study to be able to apply for the scholarship?

Applicants from all fields can apply, except those enrolled in disciplines that require clinical training and internships such as Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science.

Does the applicant need to be nominated by a university or an institution in order to apply?

No, the Fulbright scholarship competition is open to all qualified Jordanian applicants. Your home university or institution may wish to nominate you but this will have no bearing on the selection process.

Can the application be submitted without one or all the following tests: GRE, TOEFL, or GMAT?

No, the applicants should submit a complete application by the stated deadline, including required official test scores and to make sure to add the institutional codes for the above mentioned tests that are indicated on the website.

Is the Fulbright grant fully funded and what is the length of the program?

The Fulbright grant is fully funded and it is a two-year program for the Masters program.


If an applicant already holds a Masters’ degree, is he/she eligible to apply for another one?

It is not recommended to apply for another Masters’ degree.  However, there may be exceptional cases whereby applying for a second Masters degree may be considered.  This is rare.  For more information, please contact the Fulbright Commission office for advice and further details.

Do graduates of American Universities have a better chance than the other applicants?

No, all applications are reviewed and equally evaluated regardless of where the applicant received his/her undergraduate or graduate degree.

What are the chances of an applicant who meets all the requirements?

The chances of the applicant will greatly depend on the competition with other applicants. Thus, it is difficult to determine one’s chances for this award.​

Can someone who is already enrolled in a program in the US apply for a scholarship in order to complete his education?

No, Fulbright Scholarships are not awarded to complete programs already started in the U.S.

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